• Danny Pemberton

    Nicest man in the world, best moustache in the world.


  • Kunsthaus Tacheles

    Kunsthaus Tacheles Oranienburger Str. 54 13437 Berlin Germany

    Famous place in Berlin you have to go!

    — Flo

  • Kaffee Burger

    Kaffee Burger Torstraße 60 10119 Berlin Germany

    Kaffee Club was really fun, but long time ago and blurry memories so…

    — Flo

  • East Side Gallery

    East Side Gallery Mühlenstraße 10243 Berlin Germany

    Last bits of the wall, close to the Michelberger, and close to Kreuzberg etc.

    — Charl

  • Spreepark

    Spreepark Berlin Kiehnwerderallee 1-3 12437 Berlin Germany

    There’s an abandoned amusement park called Spreepark. The guided tour is for pansies. You can easily jump the fence, just try not to alert the guards. They act tough and pretend that they’ll take you to the police, but at worst they’ll ask you delete the photos. Oh, and don’t let anyone see you enter. The Germans are quick to call the police when they see someone doing the wrong thing

    — Christian

  • Berlin Wall Memorial

    Berlin Wall Memorial Bernauer Str. 111 13355 Berlin Germany

    Don’t fuck about with Checkpoint Charlie — it’s boring and weird. And you can look at the Brandonberg from wherever. Go the Berlin Wall museum instead.

    — Charl

  • Circus Hostel Berlin

    Weinbergsweg 1a, 10119, Berlin.

    Arriving 21/07/2015 Departing 23/07/2015. Deposit paid.

    P.S. If you’re going to stay up in Mitte, make sure you save your shopping for when you’re here. It’s definitely the better spot for it.

    — Charl

  • Michelberger Hotel

    Michelberger Hotel Warschauer Str. 39-40, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, 10243 Berlin, Germany

    To say thank you for being completely awesome and doing everything that’s come your way without getting shitty even once, we’ve booked you in for 2 nights in the Luxury Room at the Michelberger Hotel.

    It’s fucking awesome, has a great bar, and is right next to the action — including the East Side Gallery.

    Your reservation: 2 nights, 1 room Change
    Check-in: Sunday 19 July 2015 (from 15:00)
    Check-out: Tuesday 21 July 2015 (until 12:00Phone: +493029778590

    — <3 + $

  • Bateau Ivre

    Bateau Ivre Oranienstraße 18 10999 Berlin Germany

    I remember this cool bar “Bateau Ivre” this street is full of nice bar, second hand,vinyls shops.

    — Flo

  • Currywurst

    You have to try the currywurst!

    — Flo

  • Flight to Copenhagen

    Flughafen Schönefeld Berlin

    Norweigan Flight DY3305

    Departing Berlin (Schönefeld) 23/07/2015 @ 5:30pm

    Arriving 23/07/2015 @ 6:30pm.